Krrish 2 ( Krrish vs Krrish) Krrish The Super Hero & Villain 
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Krrish 2 (Krrish vs Krrish) - Krrish The Super Hero & Super Villain

Hrithik Roshan had hinted at it in his recent talk with a CNN TV channel. When asked which film of his would he like his son Hrehan to see first when he came of age, Hrithik responded, "By the time he is of age to watch a movie...there would hopefully be a Krrish I think I will start with that...I think I will start with the Krrish series which was Kyoi Mil Gaya to Krrish," he told CNN-IBN

The official announcement that there will be a Krrish 2, while widely anticipated, still packed a surprise with the devil being in the detail of the announcement.

Krrish 2 Super Hero

The devil in this case is the villain in Krrish played by, and you wont believe this, Hrithik! Yes, Hrithik will play a double role in the Krrish sequel!

Krrish 2 Super Villain (Hrithik Roshan)

Krrish Super Hero


Krrish Super Villain

Hrithik will be the super hero and the super villain!

So while Krrish was all about Hrithik, Krrish 2 will be all about Hrithik and Hrithik. I suspect son Hrehan will have had enough of papa Hrithik by the times he finishes seeing Krrish 2.

One wonders what prompted Rakesh Roshan to cast Hrithik in a double role? Perhaps doing so will save his production company Filmkraft time and money that would need to be spent on training another actor, as the super villian, to perform the same stunts that Krrish the superhero is capable of. More simply, it could be because it may be difficult for Filmlkraft to find another Bollywood hero ready to take the same risks as Hrithik did to perform the stunts. Getting outright mean, perhaps Rakesh Roshan wants to be in a win win situation in case the villain in Krrish 2 were to eclipse the hero!


Article by : Joyee Mukherjee


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