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Krrish Game - Indian Super Hero Game
(Krrish Games for PC)
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Krrish Game Launched... Download Krrish Game for PC

Krrish Game Snapshot

Message for Krrish Fans

For the first time in the Indian games history, a realistic game on the theme of the super hit movie Krrish has been made.

No doubt not only the game is interesting but it is realistic too. It is a great pleasure to play the game and an ever rich experience. This is a true entertainer to entertain people.

Krrish Game is totally free and can be downloaded and play free of cost.

The developers of this game has put in lots of effort and time to develop this game just to entertain all Krrish fans.

If you really like this game, we will appreciate your concern and your donation will be great encouragement for these new talents to come up and encourage the Author to further develop, making possible new releases of more Krrish Games with more entertainment, story and action.

So do not hesitate in donating, looking forward for your heartiest cooperation.

Game Author 
(Game Animation & Programming by: )

 Paramjeet Singh  Saravjeet Singh

You can contact us at :

Click on below link to Download Krrish Game
(Free Download full version)

Download Krrish GameDownload Krrish GameDownload Krrish Game

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Krrish Game Screenshots

Krrish fight with Bosses - Screenshots


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Made in India

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