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Sega Games Music

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Hot Game Cheater
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What is Hot Game Cheater ?

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Hot Game Cheater is a free hot games cheats utility with Hot Games Girls having biggest database of thousands of up-to-date Games Cheats, Games Walkthroughs, Games Trainers, Saved Games, Games Patches, Games Music, Midi & Ringtones.

Hot Game Cheater contains cheats of :

  1. PC Games

  2. Dreamcast

  3. DVD Games

  4. Gameboy Advance

  5. Gameboy Color

  6. Gamecube

  7. Nintendo DS

  8. Nintendo 64

  9. Nintendo Wii

  10. Playstation 1

  11. Playstation 2

  12. Playstation 3

  13. Sony PSP

  14. Sega Cheats

  15. Super Nintendo

  16. Xbox

  17. Xbox 360

  18. + Games Walkthroughs

What's New in Hot Game Cheater? (Version History)

Hot Game Cheater also contains
two most wanted add-in packs:

(1) Games Music / Midi / Ringtones


Thousands of Games music, midi and ringtones have been embedded in this section of Hot Game Cheater. You can play games background music, level and stage music, character music, guns sounds, boss music, fighting sounds, car music, games themes songs, maps music which are directly downloadable through Hot Game Cheater server. After downloading you can take multiple benefit from music. You can play these music files in your computer, in mobile, in your website, presentations, email attachments and distribute to any person.

Hot Game Cheater Games Music

(2) Games Trainers / Saved Games


Games Trainers are actually patch files which run along with games and keep on checking the memory location where game stores the game information. By altering those information in the memory trainer can even cheat those games which are having no solutions, cheats & cracks. You can make your player unbeatable powerful with unlimited lives, increase your bullets, kill your toughest enemies game bosses in one shot, skip games levels, access hidden guns, swords, boost your car speed, unlock hidden secrets, run through walls, solve puzzles reach secret areas. Almost all the trainers of latest and old are linked in Hot Game Cheater through our web server. This section also contains Saved Games Files. You can copy these files in your game folder and load the full saved version and locations of games.


What's New in Hot Game Cheater? (Version History)

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